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Sonntag, 13. März 2016

Claudio Bravo, der Maler

Was Claudio Bravo, der Maler, nicht der Fußballspieler, so sagte und dachte, als er noch lebte?

The next evening, another longtime resident, the Chilean painter Claudio Bravo, invites me to dinner at his magnificent house on the Old Mountain Road, which has perhaps the finest garden in the city, and views over the Straits of Gibraltar. We talk about art, and about food trends. "Now that people have TV," says Claudio, "they watch cooking shows from Egypt, Tunisia, and France." The dish of the moment, he tells me, is a kind of ersatz bisteeya, filled with Moroccan spiced fish and Chinese noodles! Claudio serves me a version -- small crisp rolls stuffedwith gelatinous pasta and coriander-scented shrimp. Then we get more traditional, with a delicious lamb, okra, and quince tagine. | "I rarely go out," he says. "I draw and paint fourteen hours a day. I don't miss the bars or the lavish parties. Anyway, this isn't a party town anymore." Then, naming Matisse, Delacroix and Francis Bacon, all of whom spent time in Tangier: "It's still one of the best places in the world for a painter." (By Paula Wolfert, Adapted from Paula Wolfert's My Old Moroccan Home, Saveur Magazine, issue No.7 --

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