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Dienstag, 24. November 2015

NY -- Urban vagrants

Über einen Artikel in der Süddeutschen von heute, komme ich auf diese Seite.


In his letter, Mullins notes that while cops are prohibited from taking pictures of members of the public while on duty, “photos may be taken while traveling to and from work or any time off duty.”

“Our friends, family and members of the public are free to take photos as they see fit,” he adds.

Mullins said he was responding to the past two years of “failed policies, more homeless encampments on city streets, a 10 percent increase in homicides, and the diminishing of our hard-earned and well-deserved public perception of the safest large city in America.”

He blasted the flurry of pending City Council legislation involving the NYPD, including the Right to Know Act, which would require cops to get permission from a suspect before conducting a search without probable cause for arrest.

This vagrant, whose picture was taken by cops posted on the Sergeants Benevolent Association’s Flickr account, was identified as Preston King, a former Wall Street power player. 
Photo: Sergeant Benevolent Association Flickr