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Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

2001 -- Maße des Monolithen

Ist etwas über die Größe / Proportionen des M. bekannt? Könnte für die Interpretation wichtig sein.

Nachtrag / Gefundenes: "GlossGreen Interesting ideas. I have to disagree on a couple of points though. He mentions at one point that the Earth monolith is not the correct shape for a movie screen, which is correct, but then he says the Jupiter one may be. Both the Earth and Jupiter monoliths have the same size ratio, just the dimensions are different. Looking at both of them side by side would reveal them to have been a different size by an identical shape.

Another problem I have is when he states that Clarke changed the monolith to a rectangular shape from a pyramid shape for the film. That is incorrect. His original short story "The Sentinel" has the pyramid shaped structure in it. That story was indeed the idea for 2001, but the actual book and film where made concurrently. "The Sentinel" does not share the same concepts as the book and the film and should be looked at independently from those two. For 2001, both the film and the book, Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke were collaborators. They worked hand in hand through both projects. That is why I believe "The Sentinel" (which was written solely by Clarke) should not be viewed as being part of the 2001 mythos. Progenitor perhaps, but not the same."

Endlich was Greifbares beim Stichwort Monolith: 

"Im Roman 2001: Odyssee im Weltraum von Arthur C. Clarke, der von Stanley Kubrick verfilmt wurde, ist ein schwarzer, perfekter Monolith, dessen Außenmaße Seitenverhältnisse von 


aufweisen, Symbol einer ausserirdischen Intelligenz."

OK, jetzt ist es raus! Ich werde dieses Ding im Zimmerformat (180 hoch) nachbauen!


Nachtrag: Ich hätte mir den Monolithen, so vom reinen Schauen, viel dünner und auch viel schlanker vorgestellt. Zugegeben.

Oder vielleicht doch auch nicht? Vielleicht will nur das Gedächtnis einen schmaleren und dünneren Stein produzieren?


Einige Nachträge (03.01.2014)

Alchemical Kubrick, 2001: The Great Work On Film. By Jay Weidner

David Icke's Official Forums > Main Forums > Symbolism / Mind Control / Subliminal Programming > 1:4:9 - ratio - 2001 monolith

What are the monoliths? The monoliths are tools of a highly advanced alien civilization.

Was this film influenced by Yatrides painter artwork? It is quite clear that we retrieve a lot of elements visible including monoliths into Yatrides canvas and drawings in 2001 space odyssey film.

Interpretations of the “Monolith” (2001: A Space Odyssey). Posted on December 29, 2011. The marbled monolith represented exactly what it was — a massive slab of obviousness.

Google Bildersammlung: Monolith


Noch ein Nachtrag (23.10.2017 12:12): Tycho Magnetic Anomaly-1 || The name Tycho Magnetic Anomaly-1 (also known as the TMA-1) refers to the strong magnetic field found somewhere in the lunar Crater Tycho by an American scientific satellite. Astronauts find that this magnetic anomaly is caused by an alien monolith buried about 15 meters below the surface. When the monolith is excavated and examined, it is found to be a black cuboid whose sides extend in the precise ratio of 1 : 4 : 9 (1² : 2² : 3²). However, in the novel, Clarke suggests that this sequence or ratio extends past the three known spatial dimensions into the much higher dimensions, like this: 16 : 25 : 36... | The TMA-1 was dug up during the lunar night, but after sunrise and its exposure to direct sunlight, TMA-1 emits a single powerful burst of radio waves – aimed at Iapetus (Saturn) in the novel, and aimed at Jupiter in the motion picture. Its powerful magnetic field disappears immediately. In the novel, some scientists speculate that its magnetic field came from large electric currents, circulating in a system of superconductors for millions of years as an energy-storage mechanism. All of that electric power was expended in the one radio signal."