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Montag, 4. April 2011

It's a phishing scam trying to steal your account

Kommt da doch eine Mail von

Confirm your ownership of this email and let us know if you still want to continue using this account. By replying saying am active ASAP.

The Google verification Team

bkc56 // Top Contributor // 8/1/10 // It's a phishing scam trying to steal your account.

Phishing scams include e-mails that request your login:password information, or links to fake web-sites that ask for your login:password. For web-sites, the printed link may look valid but the actual link could go someplace different.

You can ignore it, use the drop-down menu next to reply to "Report Phishing", or use the following form:

Note: a simple forum search would have turned up dozens of posts about this same e-mail. Search is your friend.

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